Forchile’s vision of sustainable towns

Towns that are considerate
to both its people and nature,
that have a rich economy
with diverse people,
where everyone can regularly
experience happiness.

Key features (necessary elements)

  • High population
  • Energy efficient
  • VPP
    (Virtual Power Plant)
  • Takes advantage of
    existing resources
  • Maintains
  • Rich urban
  • Free of cars
    (Free of parking lots)

High population

By concentrating the population, it will become possible to maintain high quality civil services (education, medical care, products). As a means of increasing population density, we recommend “cooperative housing.”

Energy efficient

We aim for energy saving and net-zero energy through ZEB* construction, high thermal isolation and/or airtight constructing methods. This will secure midterm economic viability, help protect the environment and we think this will be highly effective in achieving “sustainability.”
*ZEB: Zero Energy Building=A building that aims to achieve net zero balance on annual primary energy consumption.

VPP(Virtual Power Plant)

VPP stands for “Virtual power plant” and refers to the control of the many small scale renewable-energy power generators, storage batteries, fuel cells and similar facilities as well as the network system that manages demand for electrical power.
VPP provides stable demand and supply of energy as well as load leveling.

Takes advantage
of existing

The idea is to take advantage and make use of existing trees and buildings. It reduces resource consumption when building; it is economical as well as environmentally conscious.


We will situate commercial facilities (restaurants, shops, etc.) around the town. This will secure employment for the residents as well as promote communication among the residents and will lead to a richer lifestyle.

Rich urban

By planting trees around the town, we will create a town filled with greenery and nature. Greenery is also effective in environmental hygiene by cleansing the atmosphere and seeing greenery is recognized as having psychological effects.

Free of cars(Free of parking lots)

We will develop designs that do not require the use of cars. This will lead to a reduction in noise pollution, and will result in a town that is safe for the children and elderly alike. Creating a town for multiple generations will contribute to achieving sustainability.

Our aim for “creation of
sustainable towns” is
the creation of a town
that evolves and where
everyone can feel happiness.
We hope to create many such towns,
across Japan and around the world.
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our business at the address below.


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