Planning, development,
sale and construction of
renewable energy:
Solar Power Plant by Forchile.

Promoting the use of
Renewable energy

There are different types of renewable energy such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass. Of these, Forchile promotes the solar power generation business. Our services begin from finding sites for building solar power plants to construction and post-power-up maintenance. We provide solutions that meet customer needs across all phases associated with a plant.

Solar power generation・Wind power generation・Hydro power generation・Biomass power generation

Voltage Classification of
Solar Power Generation

There are three voltage classifications for solar power generation, “low voltage”, “high voltage” and “extra high voltage.” Each have different uses and require different construction applications.


Steps to building
a solar power plant
Photovoltaic Power Plant

The following is an example of “extra-high voltage” construction.
When constructing solar power plants, we normally follow these steps

Land acquisition/planning

  • Search for a suitable location to construction the solar power plant and gather various information
  • Perform on-site studies, create plans and designs

Filing of various applications

  • File documents such as required for real estate contracts, and applications that need to be submitted to power companies, and organizations such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Construction work

  • Develop the land and install base foundation for solar panels
  • Attach solar panels and connect the cables. Once connected to the power company’s power grid the process is complete.

We constructed a 2MW (1,980kW) large-scale solar power plant in Akune, Kagoshima. Here are some details from the construction work.

  • Land development
  • Inspection by
    Kagoshima prefecture
  • Installation of
    base foundation
    and underground cables
  • Attach panels and
    connect cables
  • PCS installation
  • Inspection by
    power company
  • Integrate systems/
    compete construction
The location after land development

The location after land development

Base foundation for solar panels

Base foundation for solar panels

PCS-a device to convert generated electricity to that of the power company

PCS - a device to convert generated electricity to that of the power company.

PCS - a device to convert generated electricity to that of the power company.
Power conditioning system (PCS)converts the generated power to grid compatible conditions for the power company.

Construction of a large-scale solar power plant on a vast area of land is complete!

Construction of a large-scale solar power plant on a vast area of land is complete!

Operation & Maintenance Service

Once a solar power plant is up and running, leave the management, operation and maintenance to Forchile!

Service Service details Classification Explanation
(1)Monitoring Alerts as required Standard When alerts occur, appropriate departments will be contacted to ensure proper measures are taken (*Inspection and maintenance fees will be incurred)
Monthly reports
(Alerts, Power generation)
Standard Perform inspection monthly and report results
Annual reports
(Power generation)
Standard Perform inspection annually and report results
(2)On-site inspections
Service details Classification Explanation
(2)On-site inspections Exterior inspection:
twice a year
Standard Inspect the exterior once every 6 months. Measurements will be taken once a year.
once a year
(3)Call-out service
Service details Classification Explanation
(3)Call-out service In response to alerts Standard Upon receiving alerts we will rush to the facility. Standard covers 2 instances annually, additional fees are incurred from the 3rd instance onwards
(4)Weed removal
Service details Classification Explanation
(4)Weed removal Weed removal:
twice a year
Standard Perform weed removal twice a year
Service details Classification Explanation
(5)Herbicide Spray herbicide Optional Spray herbicide annually
(6)Install security camera
(If currently not installed)
Service details Classification Explanation
(6)Install security camera
(If currently not installed)
Camera hardware
and installation
Optional Will procure security camera and perform installation
(7) Create site diagram
(If it has not been created)
Service details Classification Explanation
(7)Create site diagram
(If it has not been created)
On-site check +
diagram creation
Optional Create string diagram and system diagram of the facility

In addition to solar power generation,
we also provide wide-ranging solutions
such as biomass power generation,
storage batteries
and other items
to best meet community potential and client needs.
Forchile strives to create a sustainable society
and will work to promote greater use
of renewable energy.


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