For the development of
next-generation educational
environments and
educational content.

Forchile's mission

Creating a sustainable society,
for the happiness of
tomorrow’s children.

In order to create a sustainable society, we promote energy businesses and construction of environmentally friendly
buildings and communities as well as promote educational businesses that have direct benefits to the children.

Forchile’s goal
in the education business

To develop next-generation educational environments and educational content that is new to Japan. >Produce innovators that can reinforce Japan’s competitiveness.


in developed countries

Output-oriented education is mainstream and produces many prominent leading companies and innovators.

Favors education that improves the children’s ability to think by means of debates as well as focuses on processes instead of answers.
Favors education that improves communication skills by increasing student participation through group education.

What Forchile can do for the happiness of
tomorrow’s children

Leveraging activities such as RocksForchile managed by Forchile, and collaborating with Germany-based ASOBU GmbH,
a firm specializing in building and town planning as well as human resource development, plus other Forchile assets and
resources, we hope to provide education as only Forchile can. Stay in touch for future developments!
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For inquiries about our business,
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