Fotmain_copy Creating a sustainable society
for the children of tomorrow.

Creating a
sustainable society.

Our mission at Forchile is to be forward thinking to create a “sustainable society” for the happiness of tomorrow’s children.

With a focus on energy related businesses, we operate in numerous fields from recommending and providing comprehensive energy solutions, general construction business and construction of ZEB (Zero Energy Building) and other advanced environmentally friendly buildings, to new future-oriented education and entertainment businesses to realize the attainment of a sustainable society.

In our future we face serious environmental issues and dwindling energy resources. The structure of the world and society, as well as people’s awareness and values is in a time of great change. We align ourselves under the values of “Change” & “Challenge” and endeavor to create a “sustainable society” where our future children can be full of happiness and smiles.

Renewable Energy


sustainable towns

We propose an ideal town model that is worthy of handing down to our children of tomorrow. We aim to create economically stable, sustainable towns where its people can freely interact and be in good health; towns where everyone can regularly experience happiness.

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Renewable energy × Energy saving
+ Business model
best fit to community potential

In addition to aiding selection and introduction of renewable energy and energy saving that best fit community potential, we also offer assistance in the development and establishment of a business model needed to realize a sustainable community.

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Sustainable towns in cities

ZEB (zero energy buildings) will be the world standard in the 2020s. We aim to create sustainable societies requiring not only zero energy but also must consider comfort, health, child rearing, work style, and use of low environmental impact construction materials, to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society in a broader sense, culminating in Forchile’s vision of ZEB grounded in environmentally sound construction.(F-ZEB)

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Planning, development, sale
and construction of renewable energy

We deliver renewable energy solutions such as solar and biomass based power generation to best fit community potential and client needs. We also offer storage battery solutions essential for effective utilization of renewable energy.

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Global expansion of
energy business

We extend our knowhow of domestic renewable energy, energy savings, and building and construction experience to developing countries. The first of which is the solar power generation business in Vietnam.

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For the development of
educational environments and
educational content.

In an increasingly diverse, information age, we feel it is important that children to be provided a choice when it comes to education. Through innovative design and leveraging our energy business, we aim to establish stimulating educational environments and content for children.

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Local, community-based
for children to enjoy

Under the theme of “Delivering music to the future of the children” we manage RocksForchile, a music festival aimed at children and parents alike. We offer a variety of content for kids together with live music, as well as drive donation efforts thru SAVE THE CHILDREN JAPAN, with the aim of creating an event that supports the future and dreams of the children.

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withASOBU GmbH(Germany)

In cooperation with Germany-based ASOBU GmbH, an organization specializing in building and town planning as well as human resource development, we are taking part in various initiatives in pursuit of creation of sustainable towns.

withAn Encyclopedic Design
Culture Courseby MasayoAve

A culture course hosted by Berlin resident designer Masayo Ave, is available through audio media service Voicy. Enjoyable for both parents and children, a new kind of audio course accessible through the website or Voice app, sponsored by Forchile.

withDesignLab for childrenby SED.Lab, Berlin

Forchile plays an active role in support of Design Lab for children, a design education activity that cultivates a sense of wonder and imagination in children directed by Masayo Ave, a leading international authority on sensory experiential design.

for SDGs

Forchile takes part in various initiatives in order to pursue SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), a set of global goals for creating a sustainable world through business and organization management.


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We provide solar energy to this annual event in Gifu, which has the theme, "a clean peaceful rock music festival operated solely on solar energy.”
SolarBear Fund activities

"SolarBear Fund"

We take part in activities of the "SolarBear Fund" an NPO promoting the proliferation of renewable energy.





Forchile Inc.

(Tokyo Office)
Ark Hills South Tower 6F, 1-4-5 Roppongi , Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0032

(Osaka Office)
StoRK Kita-horie 6F, 1-5-8 Kita-horie, Osaka-shi Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan 550-0014

(Fukuoka Office)
Shinkansen Bldg. 1-5F, 1-10-23 Hakata-eki Higashi, Fukuoka-shi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 812-0013
TEL : 092-710-5916 FAX : 092-710-5917

December 2013
98 million yen
Board Member
President, Toshiya Kuwajima
Main Banks
Mizuho bank, Kansai Mirai Bank
Business Area
Planning, development and construction of renewable energy related projects
Permits and
Planning, development and construction of renewable energy related projects Real estate agency business license: Osaka Governor’s Registry (1) No.59146 Special construction license: Osaka Governor’s Registry (Toku-28) No.141727 Electrical work, Plumbing, Construction Plastering, Masonry, Tiling, roofing and block work Steel reinforcement, Glazing, Waterproofing Thermal insulation work, Carpentry, Scaffolding and excavation Roofing, Steel structures, Sheet metal Painting, Interior finishing, Fittings
First-class Architect, First-Class Electrical Work Operation and Management Engineer, First-Class Plumbing Work Operation and Management Engineer, First-Class Construction Work Operation and Management Engineer, Real Estate Transaction Agent
Total: 7 persons

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Tokyo Office

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Osaka Office

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Fukuoka Office

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